Verbesserungen sind alles: Der neue LUKS GEN 3.0

Improvements are everything: The new LUKS GEN 3.0

Improvements are everything: The new LUKS GEN 3.0

Continuous improvement is the key to an innovative future. The optimization of civil protection is a central task at the latest after the flood disaster in 2021. LENZ Technology is also constantly improving the best. After the presentation of the second generation LENZ anti-tipper at Interschutz 2022, we improved it through feedback and further field tests. From this we developed the new generation. The LUKS GEN 3.0 thus replaces its predecessor and brings many advantages.

Modular design

The LUKS 3.0 impresses with its individual design. Can be customized with the five basic colors:

  • signal yellow
  • pure orange
  • fiery red
  • Matt black
  • signal blue

on both clutches and the body, more freedom in design is allowed. The LUKS GEN 3.0 is supplied as standard in matt black (body) and signal blue (B-Storz couplings) suitable for all submersible pumps according to DIN 14425. Optionally, all parts of the LUKS 3.0 can be produced in all standard RAL colors. For further information please contact us.

If your submersible pump does not comply with DIN 14425, we simply need the distance between the bottom and the coupling. The LUKS GEN 3.0 enables quick scaling of different sizes in production.

weight and materials

The LUKS 3.0 already differs in weight from its predecessor. When it comes to filled emergency vehicles, every kilogram of weight counts. We know that and have also given some thought to this point. More than 45% weight was saved by a new manufacturing process. However, we do not skimp on the technical strength of the apparatus. The dimensioning of the LUKS is many times more than what should be counted as a minimum.

Furthermore, we rely exclusively on materials from the EU. The corpus made of stainless steel and the aluminum Storz couplings result in the entire LENZ overturning protection. If you work in the maritime industry, please inform us about possible seawater resistance.

Furthermore, as with the previous model, all the usual connecting elements are possible. By default we use B-Storz. A rotatable coupling for more flexibility is now possible without any problems.

cost adjustment

All of the optimizations we made to the LUKS made a significant contribution to changing the costs. High costs can be saved by the new manufacturing process. We pass this adjustment on to our customers! As a startup, we are interested in sustainable growth and perfectly developed products.

Therefore, with the launch, we are reducing the price of the LUKS GEN 3.0 by approximately 30% (29.97%). Customization of the standard LUKS GEN 3.0 may involve additional costs.

As with the previous model, graduated discounts are possible with the LUKS GEN 3.0. Use the contact form for this.

Modular design, lower weight and adjusted prices improve, among other things, the new LENZ tip-over protection, the third generation. You can get more information from us by contacting us.

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