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LENZ Technology

LENZ tip-over protection

LENZ tip-over protection

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The LENZ tip-over protection is the result for efficient submersible pump operation, from the experience of the flood catastrophe in 2021. The LENZ tip-over protection combines innovative know-how and engineering oeuvre with technical design and holistic sustainability.

The LENZ tip-over protection, LUKS for short , always ensures 112% performance in use. With the LUKS, the use of submersible pumps becomes a sure-fire success . In addition to a stable stand, it ensures an increase in the flow rate, in tests by more than 20% . Assignments can be processed faster and more safely, with the amount of work being reduced.

The LENZ anti-tip device is compatible with all submersible pumps according to DIN 14425 and can therefore be smoothly integrated into existing techniques and tactics. This guarantees maximum stability in a wide variety of situations and locations. So that pumping can be dynamic , even in turbulence.

Preventing tipping
Avoiding injuries
Higher delivery current
Reduced spread of contamination
Operational stability on inclines (e.g. underground car parks)

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Our Lenz promise

  • 112% - any time

    Our LENZ products are developed with the highest precision and designed for every scenario.

  • sustainability

    Upcycling and EU materials are among our many steps to protect the environment.

  • quality

    One of our deepest corporate values ​​is the flawless quality of our products.

  • Made in Germany

    Each of our LENZ products is developed and produced in Germany.

Safety is our business

What makes our LENZ products special...

Safety with Innovations

Our innovations ensure maximum safety every day. In order to constantly expand both the human comfort zone and efficiency in our performance-driven world, new technologies are needed that maintain safety in dangerous situations.


We reuse old things! Sustainability is very important to us, which is why we upcycle, among other things, old, discarded fire hoses that would otherwise be disposed of.

Hard materials for tough jobs

We value hard and resilient materials. For this we only use materials produced in the EU.

General product information

LENZ Performance

Our ultimate goal is to preserve life as the highest good and to avoid injuries. As LENZ Technology, we are committed to safety for everyone who values ​​safety.

In the field of occupational safety in particular, we are growing into specialized pioneers in civil protection and disaster control. Anyone who values ​​security benefits from our technical solutions.

At LENZ everything revolves around safety. We work on new innovations every day to keep everything under control in this one moment .

(Hand)made in Germany

Every LENZ product is developed and produced in Germany. We only use EU materials and materials. We are thus setting a clear sign of sustainability.

A real (hand)made in Germany product .


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Wood products should be cared for annually with wood oils. If these products are exposed to severe weather, this time can be reduced.

Seals and moving parts must be repaired. Pipe wall thicknesses are to be checked at regular intervals.